Branding of your business is critical- your brand is your business’s face, your business’s handshake. While typically we recommend that business branding be the first step you take as you start a new venture, sometimes this is not the case. Often times, businesses that have been around for a while haven’t taken the “branding” step. There is equity is the business name, but they’ve not had a logo, brochure or website developed. Fresh Look can help with this crucial step, or even take an existing brand, and “Re-FRESH” it!

To create your perfect brand, Fresh Look offers:

  • 3 Different Logo Design Options
  • Business Card, Letterhead & Envelope Design and Printing
  • 13 Different Standard Brochure Creation Options (Custom brochure creation includes copywriting, design and printing)
  • BOOST! Website Design
  • Fresh Start Website Design